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Your success is the bottom line.

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We are committed to helping you succeed by understanding what you want to improve, assessing what you do now, and developing and implementing practical solutions. No matter the size or type of project, we strive to complete our work for you with the highest degree of quality, integrity and efficiency.

Our working relationship with you will be critical. We seek to build a strong and productive relationship with you, relying on open, honest communication and prompt response to phone calls and emails.

Since 1993, we have been assisting start-up, small and medium sized businesses in and around the Boston area. Individual clients also come to us for a variety of tax and financial needs.

Whether you need the services of a bookkeeper, a tax adviser, a CPA or a CFO, we’re here to help you. Working together, we can make good things happen.

Practice Areas

Providing Services on All Fiscal Matters

So much of your success in business depends on making quality business decisions. And the quality of those decisions will depend on the quality of your accounting system.


Get it right at the source.

You can outsource the day to day bookkeeping details to us---invoicing, bills, credit cards, reconciliations, payroll (provided by our sister company OMC Payroll Services ® ), etc.. And, because we’re accountants, we take it all the way to the financial accounting level. That means no review and adjustment needed by your CPA, things are fully up to date the minute we complete our work. If you have a bookkeeper on staff, we work with them--providing support, backup, taking some functions off their plate, etc. And when we do bookkeeping, we’re always keeping an eye out for ways we can increase the efficiency of getting the bookkeeping done - because the sooner we get it done, the sooner you get the information you need to manage the business. We have experience with several accounting software packages and can help you and your team use your accounting system more effectively. Additionally, our firm is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Adviser.


Traditional CPA services.

This service area includes periodic review of your books, issuance of accountants’ reports on financial statements, cash flow planning, budgeting, etc.


The numbers tell the story.

This service area includes periodic review of your books, issuance of accountants’ reports on financial statements, cash flow planning, budgeting, etc.

Tax Services

You have to file, so why not make the most of it.

Filing tax returns may not be your favorite thing to do, but we have found ways to use this obligatory function for good! Our group of tax professionals can help you plan before filing time, advise on tax advantaged strategies, and offer other general financial advice during this annual process. So in addition to complying with the tax laws properly, we look for ways that you can do things in a tax favored way!


Above and beyond crunching numbers.

With this service, you get a fellow business owner or additional member of your management team to discuss your business challenges and opportunities with. We bring a fresh, outside view on things combined with years of experience of seeing other business owners in action.

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